APN Setup (Essential Step)

The APN (Access Point Name) is a critical setup step which must match the sim that is inside of your cheetah. To avoid any issues with external IP and network connectivity please ensure it is entered properly.




Most Popular APNs

T-Mobile Home Internet: fbb.home
T-Mobile Static IP (IPV4 ONLY): B2B.static
T-Mobile Phone/Tab Sim: fast.t-mobile.com

Verizon Phone/Tab Sim: vzwinternet
Verizon Home Internet: v5ga01internet
Visible Phone Plan OLD: vsblinternet
Visible Phone Plan New: vzwinternet
Alternate Verizon APN: internet

Simple Mobile on Verizon: tracfone.vzwentpt or vzwinternet
Simple Mobile on T-Mobile: simple

AT&T 4G Phone: nxtgenphone
AT&T 5G Phone: enhancedphone
AT&T 4G Tab: broadband
AT&T 5G Tab: nrbroadband

Firstnet Phone: firstnet-phone
Firstnet Tab: firstnet-broadband
Firstnet Hotspot: firstnet-hotspot

Cricket Phone: Endo

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