Chester Tech Repairs

Established in 2017 in Chester, NY, Chester Tech Repairs is dedicated to providing reliable electronic repair services. As the owner, I actively engage in the technical aspects and R&D of our products to ensure they meet industry standards, emphasizing exceptional customer service.

Our software development underscores our commitment to community collaboration, addressing bugs, and optimizing performance. In today’s dynamic market, staying ahead is crucial, and we achieve this by continually investing in product and service improvements.

Specializing in seamless phone repairs, we restore devices to optimal functionality, addressing issues such as cracked screens, battery problems, or software glitches. Trust us for efficient and reliable solutions.

Rather than relying on traditional advertising, we prioritize refining our products to exceed customer expectations. Operating as a one-person team, Chester Tech Repairs offers 1:1 support and rapid response times, making your satisfaction our top priority.