T-Mobile Home Internet - Am I being Deprioritized

New year… New games, if you are reading this then you are concerned about these new “features” T-Mobile has decided to add to t-mobile home internet plans.

The new $60 tmobile internet 1.2TB soft throttle means during times of congestion you may be deprioritized during these times.

NOTE: this is a soft throttle for new customers on the new $60/monthly home internet plans. If you are on a locked in $30 or $50 plan this soft throttle does not apply to you.

This limitation does not apply to phone plans. Phone plans, magenta max for example, are higher priority.


Requirements to determine priority

  • Cheetah
  • T-Mobile 5G Capable Smartphone
  • Speed Test by Ookla APP
  • a congested tower

This testing is only relevant during times of congestion, some folks will in rare instances see congestion during daytime, early evenings.

Priority Testing

  1. Turn off WiFi on your smartphone
  2. Google PlayStore or iOS Appstore - download and install speed test by ookla
  3. Run 3 to 5 consecutive tests next to your tmobile gateway with WiFi turned off
  4. Turn on WiFi connect to your Cheetah or T-Mobile Gateway and place the phone in airplane mode, run 3 to 5 consecutive tests

What do these results mean

The cheetah will match or exceed your tmobile 5G capable phone speed tests. If the tests show a disparity where your phone is much FASTER this does not mean you are being deprioritized it means you will need to optimize your band selection.


If you require further clarification or are unsure of what your results mean in your specific location please contact me via my live chat feature.

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