SA v. NSA (Standalone 5G versus Non-Standalone 5G)

For both RM520N-GL and RM521N-GL devices, the same principles apply

Chester devices will remain industry leaders in performance and reliability. If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out via live chat.

Standalone (SA) mode is currently only available on T-Mobile. In SA, some areas may experience lower latency and faster downloads, but in most markets, Non-Standalone (NSA) mode provides the best overall performance and reliability.

As always, if it ain’t broke, leave it alone. If you encounter intermittent offline or cable unplugged prompts, it is likely because you are in SA on your tower over the 24 hour marker.

Contrary to popular belief, staying connected to the same tower in SA mode is not necessary. Even mobile handsets capable of SA mode frequently switch connections between 5-10 times per day.

Before testing SA mode, it's advisable to first test NSA mode at your location. In most markets, NSA mode offers higher performance in both uplink and downlink speeds.

Chester devices do not require reboots when switching between SA and NSA modes, nor do band locks or network mode changes necessitate reboots.

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