Static IP T-Mobile Business Sim

The below steps assume all steps from the FAQ have been completed
Notes on T-Mobile Static IP
  • NO SA 5G
  • NO IPV6
  • Standalone 5G is IPV6

Step 1

Create a new APN
Click Add
Name it T-Mobile or something like that
APN enter b2b.static
Leave login fields blank click add

Step 2

select it
click Save
wait 15-30 seconds
refresh window 
wait for IMEI and ICCID

Step 3

Under 5G NetWork - Go to AT Command
You’ll need to disable Auto APN manually
send these AT Commands one by one




(Note - Second command WILL NOT say OK, no need to resend)

Step 4

Finally Reboot via the UI
Go to Maintenance
And Restart system

If something is unclear please do jump on the live chat with me

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