Summer 2024 Modem News

Here we are folks... exactly 50% of the way through 2024 and the latest news as follows.

Current Generation
RM502Q-AE: Quectel SDX55
- Still available and shipping same day
RM520N-GL: Quectel SDX62 - Still the most reliable and number 1 selling modem, shipping same day
RM521F-GL: Quectel SDX65 - SOLD OUT and Discontinued, unfortunately, I will try and get 1s and 2s and will post for sale as they become available.

Next Generation
RM550: Quectel SDX72 - Coming 4th quarter 2024
RM551e-GL: Quectel SDX75 - Pre-release status, very few available as they become available they will be made available on my website.

FM190W-GL: Fibocom SDX75 - So far I have been able to get exactly 3 of these and put them to the test, they are reliable but ONLY single SIM, no dual SIM capabilities

The main goal of Chester Tech has been to be the first and the fastest. I am trying to get my hands on the next generation 5G m.2 cards. Supply is limited and far away from full production.

For everyone interested in upgrading existing units. SO FAR what I have managed to get working is SDX75 from both co's onto the M10K43 DUAL Sim Cheetah V2. What this means it limits the upgradability in the future when I roll out the mail-in services.

Stay Tuned again I will be the first.... you can bet on that :)

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