T-Mobile Unlimited Data + Chester Routers

Chester Tech BYPASS!!!

All plans listed use T-Mobile 4G/5G Nationwide

TTL Settings <- Prevents hotspot use from being counted
USE 64 as your default setting

T-Mobile Home Internet is playing games with a core base of customers
A. RV'ers
B. Mobile Users
C. Those who want legit equipment

Here's an info drop on what plans you should consider as a permanent alternative to T-Mobile's games


Post-Paid Options (monthly plans)

5G T-Mobile Phone SIM TTL Settings Sole Requirement
5G T-Mobile Tablet SIM TTL Settings Sole Requirement


True Home/Away/Mobile Hotspot Plan (Does not need TTL tricks)

Calyx Institute (Any SIM) IMEI revision optional
PCsForPeople (Any SIM) There are income requirements


Pre-Paid Options (aka pay-as-you-go)

GoogleFi Unlimited Plus Phone SIM Requires IMEI + TTL
T-Mobile PrePaid Phone SIM TTL Settings Sole Requirement
Metro by T-Mobile Phone SIM Requires IMEI + Device + TTL
Metro by T-Mobile Tab SIM  Requires IMEI + Device + TTL
Simple/T-Mobile Phone SIM Requires IMEI + TTL


Mint Mobile NOT Unlimited/Not Recommended

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