Upgrade by Mail SDX62 to SDX65 - PATH TO UPGRADE

Firstly happy holidays to everyone 

e-mail contact: ChesterTechRepairs@gmail.com

This is SOLELY offered to repeat customers.

This is EXCLUSIVE to Cheetah/Ninja/Bucket owners!!!

WELL Due to the high level of demand for the upgrade service I will ask that you e-mail me the tracking number the minute you have it so that I can tie it to your upgrade service and add it to the notes.

Please also include any pre-setup you want me to do

During checkout the shipping speed you choose will be what I use to ship from me back to you ONCE the service is done.

YES THIS IS A SAME-DAY-TURNAROUND: I know you will not accept any other way so I am here for it!

Upgrade Terms as follows

Purchase - https://chestertechrepairs.com/products/5g-sdx62-quectel-rm521f-gl-modem-only-qualcomm-snadragon-x62

By using this promo code you are trading in your SDX62 to the SDX65 the SDX62 acts as a $100 CORE

AS ALWAYS - Please make sure the e-mail on the upgrade service matches your e-mail for your original order.

Shipping Info: please package accordingly 

Chester Tech Repairs ATTN Upgrade
78 Brookside Ave Ste 147
Chester NY 10918


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