Windows Drivers for Ninja 🥷

Download Full Folder
Install driver pack - Ninja-Drivers.exe
Open device manager (look for AT Port and the COM number)
Unzip Qnavigator_V1.6.9.1
Open the folder and look for Qnavigator_V1.6.9.1
open QNavi - click the little gray Port and select the port
For the purposes of this guide my port is COM12

Click Connect to Module
You may now send any pertinent commands to the Ninja
IMEI Revision: at+egmr=1,7,"15-digits-inside-quotes"
apn: at+cgdcont=1,"ipv4v6","apn-here"
Signal: at+qcsq
Qrsrp: at+qrsrp
Bands: at+qcainfo



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