Updated - Work VPN Fix

If your work vpn is working please do not follow this write up

This is the full way to disable IPV6

There have been a very few users reporting issues with work VPN timing out or not connecting, since this device is fully capable of it here's the fix. Since work vpn does not support IPV6 here is how to disable IPV6.

5G NetWork
AT command 




(this sets modem profile to generic)

5G NetWork

IP TYPE: ipv4

create an APN, for example fast.t-mobile.com
$3 static IP use: B2B.tmobile.com

add it, select it, save it

Next go back to AT Command

AT Command: at+cgdcont?

make sure number one says AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","fast.t-mobile.com

if it shows IPV4V6 you will need to manually enter APN to overight


if using another provider change the above APN to that provider, for example on verizon replace it for vzwinternet

Restart System

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